The debut novel by regular Tribfester; Sarah Howard

Regular Tribfester Sarah Howard's debut novel 'HUM bear' is flying off the shelves in the UK City of Culture, Hull.

'The year is 1984. A shy eight year old girl called Amy who is from the city of Kingston Upon Hull, is living in foster care in an old house near the river, close to the Humber Bridge. It is in a time before children knew anything about modern communications such as mobile phones, Facebook or Twitter. Amy found an amazing humming teddy bear that helped her find her voice and happiness. Read about their incredible adventures as they journey in the past, present and future of Hull and the surrounding area. Serious matters such as bullying and loss are also raised. This balanced with an upbeat vibe using music, sport, song and dance, to give the story a real feel good factor.'

On sale now in Waterstones on Jameson Street and also various local booksellers, 'Hum Bear' is also available online at Amazon.

Have a read of the Hull Daily Mail article below to find out how the book came about and how the history of Hull flows throughout the story.

Hull Daily Mail: "Children's book Hum Bear is flying off the shelves in Waterstones"