Oh, I want something just like this!

I want Starfish - Coldplay Tribute Show to headline Tribfest 2022!

On the 16th of January 1998 a band called STARFISH played a very special gig at the ‘Laurel Tree’ in London. Later on the band changed name to Coldplay.

14 years later, in 2012, four young guys decided to take that old name and demonstrate their love and passion for Coldplay's music creating the most faithful tribute show.

​They have been working in the studio for three years between London and Turin to get exactly the same sound.

The band members are multi-instrumentalist so the original roles are completely respected and their shows turn into something beautiful.

​ Same stage dresses, decorations and the same instruments (it’s the only tribute to Coldplay that owns the Kawai piano that Chris Martin plays), every detail is studied carefully.