Och ayee!

It's a Tribfest debut for Gimme Gimme Gimmes

The Gimmes are "a punk rock 'tribute to a parody band" that only covers songs tenuously based on Scottish musicians, writers and performers.

Forming in 2014, Gimme Gimme Gimmes play songs made famous by Scottish performers and writers in a classic punk rock style. The band have built up a loyal following with their live shows including a short tour of the east coast of USA in 2016 and Europe in 2017.

Our 1st album is entitled ‘Ajockalypse Now’ with our 2nd album scheduled for release mid-2018.

They've opened for many established bands, played for the Tartan Army at Wembley, and are well received and highly praised wherever they play.

"We're looking forward to heading to East Yorkshire entertaining the Tribfest crowd in Summer 2018."