Let's get fancy!

Thursday - Hats off to you 👒🎩⛑️🧢🎓

We like an easy one for a Thursday and of course it's silly too! If you have your Thursday Early Entry ticket then come to Tribfest in the best, funniest, strangest hat you can find!

Friday - Popstars, Rockstars & Superstars 🎸🤘🏻🎤✨

Let's live our fantasy! Pick an icon and turn up the volume. How many idols will you see in the toilet queue? We love how you always find a way to surprise us so let's see what we have on Friday at Tribfest 2024. And tonight Matthew I'm going to be....💨

Saturday - Peace & Love ✌🏼☮️🧡

We live in a mental world sometimes so let's take Saturday to focus on the good. Take this theme and run with it as long as Lennon would approve then so do we. Peace out x

Sunday - PJ Party 💤🌚

This is the perfect Sunday theme! Roll out of bed and directly into the Main Arena for your last day of madness. Too hungover? Can't be bothered to brush your hair? Don't worry, no one will know! This is the cheat code to Sunday...

We love to see all the incredibly creative and sometimes absolutely crazy ideas you come up with. You've got 6 months so, no excuses!!!