Lessons In Love

It's a brand new addition to the VIP Big Top lineup, we're pleased to welcome Never 42 - Level 42 Tribute for their Tribfest debut.

Never 42 have become established as the Premier Level 42 Tribute band in the UK.

With it’s 5 ‘seasoned’ band members - Howie Rogers (Bass & Vocals), Garreth Hicklin (Keyboards & Vocals), Mike Wheeler (Drums), Tom Wright (Guitar & Vocals) and Zak Barrett (Sax), get ready for a high impact set of funk driven tunes.

Bringing the hits of Level 42, such as ‘Lessons In Love’, ‘Something About You’, and ‘The Sun Goes Down’.

Never 42 recreate the sound of the 80’s stalwarts with great accuracy.

Enjoy the show!

Make sure you head to the VIP Big Top on Friday 17th August, 17.15 - 18.00 to catch Never 42.