Glamping at Tribfest 2015

Fancy spending the biggest weekend of the year in style at Tribfest 2015?

We've got the perfect solution for you, teaming up with Katamaka who'll be providing 'Glamping Tipis' at the festival.

"Katamaka Tipi Tents are inspired by traditional Native American Tipis with a modern on the road touch. 

All of our luxury Katamaka Tipi Tents come fully furnished as standard with comfy foam beds, ornate rugs, a low handmade table, cosy lighting, a vibrant liner and bunting.

As an extra treat add one of our bedding packs to your booking. Bedding packs come with thick duvets, comfy pillows and linen."

The tipis will be ready for you on arrival so no need to worry about the hassle of having to set up your tent, get straight in and relax!

To find out more about Glamping at Tribfest, click here to go to the Katamaka website.